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Il «Dialogo» di Caterina da Siena. Per una nuova edizione critica: filologia, tradizione, teologia
A cura di Silvia Nocentini
Collana: La Mistica cristiana tra Oriente e Occidente, 36
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New Series: «Iconographica Library»

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New Series: «Iconographica Library»




Edited by the Chair of Medieval Art, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Editors: Michele Bacci, Vesna Šcepanovic, Alexandre Varela Exposito
Advisory Board: Barbara Baert, Anne Dunlop, Ivan Foletti, Athanasios Semoglou

The journal «Iconographica» in its twenty years of life, never stopped promoting an unbiased, interdisciplinary, and cross-cultural study of images in their multiple cultural, material, performative, spatial, and visual dimensions. «Iconographica Library» is the new Sismel series, which, drawing inspiration from the journal but expanding its perspectives, aims to welcome innovative and unconventional studies on the multiple ways in which pre-modern societies experienced, shaped, and conceptualised those complex, multifaceted and multilayered phenomena that, in the absence of a more precise expression, we are used to reducing to the ambiguous category of 'art'.


I. Images in Premodern Societies. A Dialogue about the State of the Field on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of «Iconographica»
Edited by Michele Bacci, Fabrizio Crivello, and Vesna Šcepanovic
The aim in this book is not so much to propose a new theory, but rather to explore the multiple ways in which the image-notion is being used, approached, and understood in the everyday work of visual researchers. A list of sixteen questions was sent to twenty-five scholars from different countries: their answers are themselves a clear witness to a diversity of approaches that should be understood as constructs of each scholar’s autonomous experience in its dynamic interaction with the surrounding (cultural, political, academic) realities.

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II. Differently Bound. Devotions and Rituals in Medieval Accounts of Asia. Edited by Michele Bacci, Vesna Šcepanovic and Eleonora Tioli


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